A couple of things I would like to knit, that are not in my Ravelry queue:

Pie Knits Jae Buckle Tank, modified quite a bit. I imagine it hip/tunic length in loosely knit dark purple linen with matching purple tweedy wool for the straps (or perhaps black leather?) and wooden buttons instead of buckles. Looking forward to seeing the pattern!

Anna Bell's Tiggy, I'm hoping for a pattern some time in the future.

Meanwhile I seem to be preparing for autumn. I find myself knitting hats and mittens, sewing scarves, making soups and baking bread. The picture below is of a patchwork scarf made from thrifted wool fabrics.


Dancing guests

Tonight I'm cuddling up in the sofa with our house guests Disco and Tango to watch Tristan & Isolde, my tv-movie choice of the evening. The pizza (tortilla base, spread with hummus, topped with grilled artichoke, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, rucola, herbs - all the good stuff) is already in the oven, and I've brought out my latest knitting project, Knitty's Broad Street Mittens. Now I just need to turn the computer off and settle down!


Disco! Adorable name, but as you can see there really isn't that much disco in him, he's a very calm fellow.

Play buddy Tango is much more suited for her flamboyant name. She is oh, so playful, and what a temper she has!


Spring, finally!

I spent Sunday on a wood anemone outing with Chris and his sister Charlotte.

Spring = Time for flowered clothes!

Made from a Gucci pattern from Spanish sewing pattern magazine Patrones.

The skirt is my own construction, made from second hand materials.


How you know you're a nerd

I found it! After searching high and low, I finally found my beloved amino acid card deck!

M and I spent a long evening making these for our first university biochemistry class, 2½ years ago. The structures of the amino acids are on one side, and on the other side are their properties. Oh, they were so much fun to make! Thinking of it makes my little craft-nerd heart beat faster and my science geek brain almost melts (well technically the brain, at body temperature, is already a kind of fatty thick liquid, but, eh, never mind)... ;)

For those of you who don't share our interest for amino acids, look at all the colors, the glitter, the neat little box...Ah.

And for those of you who actually visit this blog to see some "real crafting" (said with macho voice and while in bodybuilder pose) here's a little sneak preview of what I'll try to photograph and post this weekend.

Last but not least, big congrats to Chris who got a work promotion meaning more responsibilty, more pay and best of all: new work hours, which will give us more awake time together! (:

Now I'm going to sort my amino acid cards alphabetically (when I found them they were color coordinated. Very pretty, but not so practical).



Look the cherry trees at Järntorget are budding! In another couple of weeks they'll be in full bloom. I think I'll start walking that part of the way to University as soon as the snow has melted away.

My lace skirt is almost done, I just have to finish the picot edgings and the waistband now. I found the perfect yarn to do them with, Garnstudio's Cotton Viscose in a blood orange color. Nice and shiny! It's the same type of yarn that I used for my Circular Shrug.

March was the month of books for me. I bought a bunch of new ones, for crafting mostly.

  • Papper is a paper craft book filled with lots of uninteresting projects and few interesting ones. It's very basic, which is probably why I find most of it kind of boring. I really appreciate the 3 featured bookbinding techniques though, they are the reason I bought the book. I'm using one of them for the Scrapbook Cookbook Swap at Craftster.

    Here's a little glimpse of what I'm planning for the swap by the way:

  • New Knits by Erika Knight has an awesome pattern for a club chair cover, and I happen to have a green kind of boring club chair that's just waiting to be made over. It's a monstrous project requiring massive amounts of yarn, time and arm/wrist/hand muscle strength. ;) Just the kind of thing I love making.

  • The quilt book was a chance buy, I saw a scarf from it on a couple of blogs and ordered the book on impulse. Which I'm glad I did. As I've mentioned my mother in law is really in to patchwork and quilting. She has made some really awesome projects, including a "Millennium Quilt" that contains 2000 tiny fabric squares, donated from different people and all from differently patterned fabrics. Anyway I know she's been wanting to make a quilt for us. The problem is we don't have a quilt kind of home. But in this book I found a really cool quilt that would look great on our bed. Just switch the pink and red in the picture to turquoise and dark blue. A possible future Christmas gift perhaps? (:

Oh and I'm happy, happy, happy today, because of a bunch of study related stuff. I got a summer job at the local pharmacy (finally something related to my studies!), I did really well on my organic chemistry exam, now I have 5 days off before my next course begins, and I am typing away on an application letter for an exchange semester at University of Brighton next year.



This was not what I had in mind after the long mild winter we've had. Spring was officially declared in mid-february. Charming, though, that nature doesn't always agree with us people.

I haven't posted much lately for several reasons, One of them being that my camera is really messed up. Well actually the batteries are the problem. I load them properly, but they're stone dead after I 've taken one or two pictures. And crafting posts without pictures just aren't as fun.

I tried to get some pictures of some winter accessories now that there's actually winter weather, and I did get this before the camera died:
It's Urchin by Ysolda, knit in Garnstudio's Eskimo that Charlotte gave me for my Birthday. Warm, green and a little too large, just so it won't mess up my hair too badly ;). It's a really easy pattern to follow and becuase of the bulkyness of the yarn it's finished in no time.


Long time no post

All I have today are some photos. The knitted piece is the Circular Lace Cardigan I finished in October. It's from the book Feminin Strik by Lene Holme Samsoe and is made with thrifted wool. The fit isn't perfect, but in my opinion it's a really innovative and beautiful piece and it deserves nice pictures. Maybe I'll see if Chris can get some posing pictures of it on me, so I can show the fit. But that will probably take another 6 months if I know us right...


Flicca Yarn - finally arrived!

They called from Strikk, the 10 balls of Greenland I need to finish Flicca have arrived!

However, I'm having a knit-free week. I need to study for an exam I'm taking this Friday. So actually it's more of an anything-other-than-biomedicine-free week -and still I find time for blogging a few lines. ;)

We've generously been given three days off after the exam(which by the way is on Friday evening)! I bet they'll be very three very intense days knit-wise...