Look the cherry trees at Järntorget are budding! In another couple of weeks they'll be in full bloom. I think I'll start walking that part of the way to University as soon as the snow has melted away.

My lace skirt is almost done, I just have to finish the picot edgings and the waistband now. I found the perfect yarn to do them with, Garnstudio's Cotton Viscose in a blood orange color. Nice and shiny! It's the same type of yarn that I used for my Circular Shrug.

March was the month of books for me. I bought a bunch of new ones, for crafting mostly.

  • Papper is a paper craft book filled with lots of uninteresting projects and few interesting ones. It's very basic, which is probably why I find most of it kind of boring. I really appreciate the 3 featured bookbinding techniques though, they are the reason I bought the book. I'm using one of them for the Scrapbook Cookbook Swap at Craftster.

    Here's a little glimpse of what I'm planning for the swap by the way:

  • New Knits by Erika Knight has an awesome pattern for a club chair cover, and I happen to have a green kind of boring club chair that's just waiting to be made over. It's a monstrous project requiring massive amounts of yarn, time and arm/wrist/hand muscle strength. ;) Just the kind of thing I love making.

  • The quilt book was a chance buy, I saw a scarf from it on a couple of blogs and ordered the book on impulse. Which I'm glad I did. As I've mentioned my mother in law is really in to patchwork and quilting. She has made some really awesome projects, including a "Millennium Quilt" that contains 2000 tiny fabric squares, donated from different people and all from differently patterned fabrics. Anyway I know she's been wanting to make a quilt for us. The problem is we don't have a quilt kind of home. But in this book I found a really cool quilt that would look great on our bed. Just switch the pink and red in the picture to turquoise and dark blue. A possible future Christmas gift perhaps? (:

Oh and I'm happy, happy, happy today, because of a bunch of study related stuff. I got a summer job at the local pharmacy (finally something related to my studies!), I did really well on my organic chemistry exam, now I have 5 days off before my next course begins, and I am typing away on an application letter for an exchange semester at University of Brighton next year.



This was not what I had in mind after the long mild winter we've had. Spring was officially declared in mid-february. Charming, though, that nature doesn't always agree with us people.

I haven't posted much lately for several reasons, One of them being that my camera is really messed up. Well actually the batteries are the problem. I load them properly, but they're stone dead after I 've taken one or two pictures. And crafting posts without pictures just aren't as fun.

I tried to get some pictures of some winter accessories now that there's actually winter weather, and I did get this before the camera died:
It's Urchin by Ysolda, knit in Garnstudio's Eskimo that Charlotte gave me for my Birthday. Warm, green and a little too large, just so it won't mess up my hair too badly ;). It's a really easy pattern to follow and becuase of the bulkyness of the yarn it's finished in no time.


Long time no post

All I have today are some photos. The knitted piece is the Circular Lace Cardigan I finished in October. It's from the book Feminin Strik by Lene Holme Samsoe and is made with thrifted wool. The fit isn't perfect, but in my opinion it's a really innovative and beautiful piece and it deserves nice pictures. Maybe I'll see if Chris can get some posing pictures of it on me, so I can show the fit. But that will probably take another 6 months if I know us right...