A couple of things I would like to knit, that are not in my Ravelry queue:

Pie Knits Jae Buckle Tank, modified quite a bit. I imagine it hip/tunic length in loosely knit dark purple linen with matching purple tweedy wool for the straps (or perhaps black leather?) and wooden buttons instead of buckles. Looking forward to seeing the pattern!

Anna Bell's Tiggy, I'm hoping for a pattern some time in the future.

Meanwhile I seem to be preparing for autumn. I find myself knitting hats and mittens, sewing scarves, making soups and baking bread. The picture below is of a patchwork scarf made from thrifted wool fabrics.


Dancing guests

Tonight I'm cuddling up in the sofa with our house guests Disco and Tango to watch Tristan & Isolde, my tv-movie choice of the evening. The pizza (tortilla base, spread with hummus, topped with grilled artichoke, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, rucola, herbs - all the good stuff) is already in the oven, and I've brought out my latest knitting project, Knitty's Broad Street Mittens. Now I just need to turn the computer off and settle down!


Disco! Adorable name, but as you can see there really isn't that much disco in him, he's a very calm fellow.

Play buddy Tango is much more suited for her flamboyant name. She is oh, so playful, and what a temper she has!