Sewing, Thrifting and Mangoes

I'm in a good mood today. For what reason? Well, I wrote a biomedicine exam yesterday that I have a good feeling about. And when I came home today this was waiting for me inside the door:

It's a brown silk dress from Iro. A late little birthday present from myself. I don't think I've ever owned something this luxurious before...

Completely unrelated, I've been looking through my sewing basket to see what half finished forgotten challenges I may find there. This is one of the things I dug up, a green jacket that I started sewing more than a year ago.

(It's in desperate need of some good ironing, I know)

I never finished it because I didn't have any lining. I still don't, but I mean to get some so I can finish it before spring, I could use a new spring jacket. What I like most about this jacket, except for the lovely green color, is that it's made from an old curtain panel from several decades ago. Yay for recycling! Also, I love the mix of something really simple and cheap, such as old 70's curtains, and something quite exclusive and technically complicated, such as a tailored peacoat. I'm probably going to change the buttons, though, I don't like how it turned out with these wooden ones.

I've also done some thrift store shopping. It's something I like to treat myself to after an exam. I walk from University half way home and stop along all the good thrift stores on the way. This blouse is one of the things I found. I love the floral pattern! I'm just going to make some shaping darts on it and probably switch buttons, and then it'll be ready wear!

They were selling mangoes cheap at the supermarket last week. I like mangoes so I bought a bunch. Then I got home and realised I had 7 mangoes that I had to eat before they went bad. So I had a look around my recipes and decided to turn the majority of the fruits into Mango Coconut Vice Cream.

Mangoes, Datepuré and Coconut Milk

In the Blender - Looking Good!

The finished vice cream didn't look very appetizing, it reminded me of peasoup, which is something I've dreaded since I was a child. I think some fresh fruit for garnish would help a lot. The flavour was just fine, although it probably would have been wonderful if my mangoes had been a bit more ripe. Still it was good, and healthy too I'd like to think. At least it's an excellent way to consume 5 mangoes in one evening!

And before I end, I ate the strawberry and it was delicious!


November Strawberries

Not having a garden is probably what I miss most about living in the city. I don't even have a balcony to place large plant-filled pots on. What I do have are 3 windows facing east and west, which fortunately have turned out to be ideal for growing herbs and other small plants that don't require lots of soil or constant sunlight.

When I went to water the greens this morning I found this:

A Strawberry in November!

When I planted the seeds in April I honestly didn't expect any berries, it was just an attempt to make my window resemble my childhood garden a little more. The fact that I read on the seed envelope, that the plants won't give any fruit the first summer, didn't exactly increase my expectations. Now it isn't really summer anymore so I suppose technically speaking the seed company are right.

I'll let my precious little berry hang for another day or two before I harvest it. It smells delicious so my expectations are quite high. And the best part is that there's more where that one came from!

I hope they will make it, soon the daylight will be reduced to a mere 6-7 hours. I have three more plants, but they're not as lively as this one. Only one of them has buds, and they are two rather sad-looking buds to be honest.


Flicca and Birthday

I finally bought yarn for Flicca: Greenland from Coats HP, a mix of wool (50%), acrylic (35%) and some alpaca (15%). It's very soft and dark brown with discrete white strands here and there (the alpaca I assume). Excellent for a household with two white cats.

It's amazing how quickly this cardigan is knit. I've already finished the full back. I'm really looking forward to wear it. It's getting cold here; the temperature is creeping down towards 0 celsius.

I celebrated my birthday, the 16th, in a calm manner, attending classes and reading up on steroid hormones. No cake, but I did get some really nice presents.

Christian's sisters spoiled me rotten and literally gave me everything I really wanted, it was almost like being a 6 year old again. The beautiful gold & wood leaf earrings are from them. So is the Fitted Knits book, the moss green yarn (Garnstudio's Eskimo) and the giant tub of herbed salt(yum!). I used the yarn for an Urchin, but made it full of mistakes and one size too small (apparently I have a large head...), so I'm going to re-knit it.
The necklace is from my wonderful childhood friends, who spotted the earrings I was wearing and thought I could use a matching necklace.

I recieved some financial support from dad and the in-laws, very much appreciated as well. Dad's gift magiclly transformed into 28 Balls of Greenland for Flicca, A Laptop Lunches Bento Box, and Some Expensive Food. The rest I'm saving for a reading lamp and a pair of brown wool pants.

Thanks everyone!