Flicca and Birthday

I finally bought yarn for Flicca: Greenland from Coats HP, a mix of wool (50%), acrylic (35%) and some alpaca (15%). It's very soft and dark brown with discrete white strands here and there (the alpaca I assume). Excellent for a household with two white cats.

It's amazing how quickly this cardigan is knit. I've already finished the full back. I'm really looking forward to wear it. It's getting cold here; the temperature is creeping down towards 0 celsius.

I celebrated my birthday, the 16th, in a calm manner, attending classes and reading up on steroid hormones. No cake, but I did get some really nice presents.

Christian's sisters spoiled me rotten and literally gave me everything I really wanted, it was almost like being a 6 year old again. The beautiful gold & wood leaf earrings are from them. So is the Fitted Knits book, the moss green yarn (Garnstudio's Eskimo) and the giant tub of herbed salt(yum!). I used the yarn for an Urchin, but made it full of mistakes and one size too small (apparently I have a large head...), so I'm going to re-knit it.
The necklace is from my wonderful childhood friends, who spotted the earrings I was wearing and thought I could use a matching necklace.

I recieved some financial support from dad and the in-laws, very much appreciated as well. Dad's gift magiclly transformed into 28 Balls of Greenland for Flicca, A Laptop Lunches Bento Box, and Some Expensive Food. The rest I'm saving for a reading lamp and a pair of brown wool pants.

Thanks everyone!

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