November Strawberries

Not having a garden is probably what I miss most about living in the city. I don't even have a balcony to place large plant-filled pots on. What I do have are 3 windows facing east and west, which fortunately have turned out to be ideal for growing herbs and other small plants that don't require lots of soil or constant sunlight.

When I went to water the greens this morning I found this:

A Strawberry in November!

When I planted the seeds in April I honestly didn't expect any berries, it was just an attempt to make my window resemble my childhood garden a little more. The fact that I read on the seed envelope, that the plants won't give any fruit the first summer, didn't exactly increase my expectations. Now it isn't really summer anymore so I suppose technically speaking the seed company are right.

I'll let my precious little berry hang for another day or two before I harvest it. It smells delicious so my expectations are quite high. And the best part is that there's more where that one came from!

I hope they will make it, soon the daylight will be reduced to a mere 6-7 hours. I have three more plants, but they're not as lively as this one. Only one of them has buds, and they are two rather sad-looking buds to be honest.

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