This was not what I had in mind after the long mild winter we've had. Spring was officially declared in mid-february. Charming, though, that nature doesn't always agree with us people.

I haven't posted much lately for several reasons, One of them being that my camera is really messed up. Well actually the batteries are the problem. I load them properly, but they're stone dead after I 've taken one or two pictures. And crafting posts without pictures just aren't as fun.

I tried to get some pictures of some winter accessories now that there's actually winter weather, and I did get this before the camera died:
It's Urchin by Ysolda, knit in Garnstudio's Eskimo that Charlotte gave me for my Birthday. Warm, green and a little too large, just so it won't mess up my hair too badly ;). It's a really easy pattern to follow and becuase of the bulkyness of the yarn it's finished in no time.

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