How you know you're a nerd

I found it! After searching high and low, I finally found my beloved amino acid card deck!

M and I spent a long evening making these for our first university biochemistry class, 2½ years ago. The structures of the amino acids are on one side, and on the other side are their properties. Oh, they were so much fun to make! Thinking of it makes my little craft-nerd heart beat faster and my science geek brain almost melts (well technically the brain, at body temperature, is already a kind of fatty thick liquid, but, eh, never mind)... ;)

For those of you who don't share our interest for amino acids, look at all the colors, the glitter, the neat little box...Ah.

And for those of you who actually visit this blog to see some "real crafting" (said with macho voice and while in bodybuilder pose) here's a little sneak preview of what I'll try to photograph and post this weekend.

Last but not least, big congrats to Chris who got a work promotion meaning more responsibilty, more pay and best of all: new work hours, which will give us more awake time together! (:

Now I'm going to sort my amino acid cards alphabetically (when I found them they were color coordinated. Very pretty, but not so practical).

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Do sa...

Hi Natalie,
I like the fusion of crafts and your other interest (the cards). Oh and I saw the swap supply picture, I'm so curious!
Take care :)
(And congratulations to your 'darling C' ;) )