Matryoshka doll charts

I almost put "Russian Ladies" as the title of this post, just to improve my traffic a wee bit. ;) But then I figured I probably don't want the type of visitors that would give me. The post will be about Russian ladies, but probably not in the context anyone who googled the phrase would be hoping for.

Waaay back in 2007 I mentioned that I was incorporating matryoshka dolls in my crafts for a swap. I had done some cute cross stitch and said I would post charts. Well, 4½ years later, here they are: my set of matryoshka cross stitch charts!

They could be used for cross-stitch, any other needlepoint project, knitting or just about any other craft technique as well. Just imagine having quirky kitschy matryoshka mozaic over the kitchen sink...

Feel free to borrow and modify as you please. But please give me credit and link to my original version, if you decide to use my charts.

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