Finished Cardigan!

Finally I'm done with my cabled cardigan!

The cables run from shoulder to bottom edge and gather in the waist both on front and back.

I chose vintage looking metal buttons to get the right look ;) . There's picot border around all the edges:

As I mentioned in a previous post I had problems with excess shoulder width, so I "cheated" a bit, there's a good 5 cm of the back piece hidden in parts of the side seams:

Looks like I'm not the only one loving my new sweater!

3 kommentarer:

soknitpicky sa...

The cardigan looks really great. I like that pattern a lot! Can you mention more about what is going on around the collar and button band? There seems to be a neat little frill? Also, I'm loving the duct tape dress form. I had made one of those too, when I was sewing more regularly than I do now.

Natalie sa...

Thank you!
Edges are in picot border in this case meaning you work stockinette for 5 rows, then one row of k2tog, yo, then an additional 5 stockinette rows. When finished the work is folded along the row with the holes and you have a nice frilly border. There are different ways of attaching it.
The duct tape double is awesome, isn't it? It helped me a lot when seaming together the sweater.

Maliee sa...

Åh (skriver på svenska) den är klar! Snygg :)