Duct Tape Body Double

I was at Helen's for one of our sewing nights yesterday. She has a serger, so I took the opportunity and finally got started on my black 20's cocktail dress. I didn't get very far though, that piece is advanced! Advanced in this case means that it calls for a lot of hand stitching, which is very time consuming. But, I did get the top half, or the "bodice", almost finished. No pictures yet, I have to sew the shoulder seams first, at the moment it just looks like a black pile of fabric.

Helen is really in to designing and constructing her own patterns, and has been looking around for a good fitting doll. While searching online forums for affordable ones she stumbled upon a DIY guide on how to make a customized fitting doll. Now, how awesome is that? A fitting doll that is your own double, not just with 3 adjustable measurements, but one that perfectly matches every inch of your own body! This is where to find the guide: http://www.sysidan.se/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9327&highlight=provdocka (in Swedish), which in turn is based on this: http://www.leanna.com/DuctTapeDouble/ (in English)
So we booked one day for supply shopping (loads of duct tape, old t-shirt & some kind of stand) and one day for creating our Duct Tape Body Doubles. :D Now that's something to look forward to!

I'm stuck on the cabled sweater. I got the idea that I could make it a short-sleeved cardigan. It would definitely look good, but would it be practical? When am I likely to wear a short sleeved wool garment? Will it look good with a longsleeve t-shirt underneath, so I can wear it in winter time?

I don't know. We'll see.

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